PHONE:  (07) 824 3784

Hukanui Golf Club Inc.
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The Best Nine Hole Course in the Waikato




Phone: (07)  824 3784    Email: [email protected]

Ladies Club Captain: Carol Thompson: 8244623

Vice Captain & Membership Liaison: Diane Fowlie: 8246630

Secretary: Judy Ross: 8499159

Treasurer: Sharon Cooper: 8246656

18 Hole Convenor: Marie Hanson: 8540034

9 Hole Convenor: Cheryl Thomson: 8555503

Previous Club Captain: Ginny Hartley: 8545262

Committee: Cherylynn Sulzberger; Ngaire Woollett; Ann Bennett; Lynne Giles; Cate Meikle; Eileen Bradnock

Life Members: Ngaire Clarke; Maureen Hintz; Jeanette Fox.

Tuesday is Ladies club day - Names to be in by 9.10am

(During Daylight Saving 18 Holers 8am; 9 Holers 8.30am)

On arrival put your name tag on the table and if entering in the competition/scramble of the 

day write your name in the book and pay $2. Entering 2’s is a further $1.

The Club Captain, or a deputy, makes up the draw, announces the order of players and 

gives notices. If you are going to be late ring the club (824 3784) and your name can be 

added to the end of the draw.  All cards must be signed and entered at completion of play on 

the day – there will be no refunds of entry money.

Club Vouchers are awarded for Scramble prizes, Treasurer Sharon redeems these for 

New World Vouchers ($10) or a golf ball ($5). It is preferable that Vouchers are not ‘stockpiled’ 

and must be redeemed before Closing Day.

Each club day a raffle is run, these funds subsidise the Ladies activities and support our Club.

A Mystery Day is held in October when the course is closed for coring the greens.

Members are requested to supply raffle prizes during the year (garden produce, baking, 

plants etc are very acceptable) – note your name in the Raffle notebook.

A Three Putt jar is also run – if it takes three or more putts to get your ball in the hole 

during play it costs you 10c per time, but no more than 50c per day (these funds towards the Mystery Day).

Members are rostered to do a housekeeping/kitchen duty on club days throughout the 

year – details and roster in the ladies room and kitchen.

Members may be called on occasionally to help with catering at the club.

Hukanui LGC 2020 Tournaments:

                       9 Hole: Christmas Tournament Friday 4th December.

Club competitions are held throughout the year – these include Ringers, a Birdie Tree, and a 9 Holers Parsley Tree – a club member will explain these.

Flyers to play in tournaments at other clubs are displayed, this is encouraged.

We compile a list of members’ names with phone numbers and email addresses – we ask you to be part of this as it is useful if wanting to contact someone for a game of golf, a ‘social catch up’, or to circulate matters of general information.

The monthly club programme is posted on the Hukanui Golf Club Facebook page.

It is worth checking the noticeboard in the Ladies Room from time to time.

Please speak to a committee member if you have any queries or concerns.                  Enjoy your golf…