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FootGolf comes to the Waikato


Given away by it's name, Footgolf is a relatively new sport in New Zealand combining these two great sports. Hukanui Golf Club introduced it to the Waikato in 2015.

Here is a quick introduction if you haven’t heard much about it, it’s pretty simple:

  • The game is played and scored the same way as golf except players use a standard football.

  • The ball is kicked rather than being struck with a club. Your leg & foot is a driver down to a putter, and everything in between.

  • The hole is a really a bucket to accommodate the football, measuring 21 inches wide.

  • Played on shorter holes as its harder to achieve the same distance as golf by kicking.

  • Unlike the golf course, the Footgolf course is an 18-hole course.

Getting started

Bring the family and friends along for some fun. If you can kick a football you’re good enough to play Footgolf.

  • The course is usually open for casual footgolf each day alongside golfers.

  • If you would like any information or to make a booking contact the office for further details.

  • Book your team, group, sports team, stag or hen do, function or team building event. We can offer a combination of sports, events, and catering for your requirements.

  • Phone 07 824 3784 or email to make a booking as we often have competitions, and other bookings happening.

  • Cost to play - Adult $15.00 and Children up to 14yrs $7.00.

  • You can bring your own ball, or we can supply balls (subject to a cost recovery fee if lost).

  • It’s a fun sport!

Rules & Conditions
  • Strictly NO soccer boots or cleats to be worn on the course. 

  • Children must be supervised at all times by an adult.

  • Footgolfers must give-way to golfers, and adults must always monitor and advise their group of other people.

  • Footgolfers are not to enter sand bunkers. If a ball must be retrieved from a bunker, footmarks are to be carefully raked.

  • Carefully replace the flagstick in the hole when finished.

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